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Holo-Tealy Epoxy/Resin Pen

Holo-Tealy Epoxy/Resin Pen

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Papermate Inkjoy refillable ink gel pen covered in various high quality polyester glitters for a decorative effect then layered with epoxy/resin to seal in glitters which is then cured to a crystal clear durable hardened layer.

Pens are sold individually as shown, no other customization will be available for the time being. 

Pens are Papermate Inkjoy gel ink pens, and will be sold in black ink, 0.7 size.

Disclaimers: Keep from extreme heat and/or flame. Not for chewing or any consumption for humans and animal friends. Pens may have a gritty and/or bumpy texture from time to time due to the glitters used and more often will not be absolutely and perfectly smooth. Pens will not have a pocket clip. Canyon+Co. is not responsible for damages or instances of damages caused by misuse. All sales are final due to custom nature.


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